Safer Buckinghamshire Plan 2020-2023

Last updated: 15 December 2021 Download the plan (pdf, 967.9 KB)
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Priority 1: Helping communities to become more resilient

Why is it a priority?

Crime and anti-social behaviour is a large concern for residents but varies across the county. The level of anti-social behaviour has not changed greatly over the past three years but more is taking place in larger towns and known hotspots. Nearly a third of reported crime occurred within the most deprived areas in the county. This compares to just 10% in the least deprived areas. Some less deprived areas are hotspots for particular crimes, such as scams. We want to support individuals and communities to take steps to reduce the likelihood of crime and anti-social behaviour. At the same time we will target our resources in hotspot areas.

What we plan to do

Building Resilience

We will:

  • Work with communities to reduce the opportunities for crimes such as theft and burglary, anti- social behaviour and exploitation.
  • Build confidence in the safety of local neighbourhoods.
  • Talk with Community Boards, residents and councillors to identify local issues and work out local
    solutions for dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Work with partners to increase the resilience of children and young people. Ensuring they feel safe in their neighbourhood and the places they visit.

Targeting local areas

We will:

  • Address local issues, providing advice, community support and enforcement activity in emerging hotspots.
  • Work with planners and developers, town centre managers, town and parish councils and other partners to improve the design and management of public spaces.
  • Use anti-social behaviour legislation to address issues such as cuckooing, graffiti and problems in town centres. Cuckooing is where criminals exploit a vulnerable person by taking over their home often for criminal purposes.
  • Work with partners in the voluntary and community sector to tackle the issues associated with rough sleeping and begging.
  • Take action against people who have committed crimes. This will also send out a clear message that such behaviours will not be tolerated.