Safer Buckinghamshire Plan 2020-2023

Last updated: 15 December 2021 Download the plan (pdf, 967.9 KB)
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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Safer Buckinghamshire Plan for 2020 - 2023.

Our aim is for Buckinghamshire to continue to be one of the safest places to grow up, raise a family, live, work and do business.

This plan sets out the five priorities agreed by the Safer Buckinghamshire Board and explains how we will deliver them.

We want to reduce crime and disorder and protect vulnerable people in Buckinghamshire. Crime is constantly changing and we face increased pressure on our resources. So it is important that we work together to tackle these challenges.

Our five priorities are:

  • Helping communities to become more resilient. We will target support to those communities experiencing greater levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Protecting vulnerable adults and children. We will work with them to reduce their chances of experiencing or committing serious crime, especially violent crime, or being exploited.
  • Addressing the impact of drugs, alcohol and poor mental health. We will work to reduce levels of crime and harm linked to these factors.
  • Tackling domestic violence and abuse. We will focus on early intervention and improving services for victims.
  • Dealing with offending. We will act as early as possible to prevent first time offending. We will bring offenders to justice and work hard to stop re-offending.

Across all of our priorities, we will look at the impact of Covid-19 and take steps to reduce its impact on crime and the causes of crime. We will review these priorities every year and will consult with residents. We will continue to focus on the crimes with the highest risk of harm. We will learn from local and national experience and will follow examples of best practice.

Chair of Safer Buckinghamshire Board
Sarah Ashmead, Deputy Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire Council