Home to School Transport Policy (0 to 25 Year Olds)

Last updated: 11 November 2021

10.20. Application and Review Process

Application process

Application forms for Home to School Transport are available by contacting the Admissions and Transport Team.

Further information can be found here about funded school transport application process

Review process

Provision of travel assistance at any one time does not guarantee that this will be an ongoing arrangement and the requirement will be reviewed by the Council on a regular basis.

All pupils who receive travel assistance will be subject to review:

  • at the end of Year 3 in which the pupil attains the age of 8 years;
  • at the end of Year 6;
  • following the successful completion of Independent Travel Training;
  • at the annual review meeting if the pupil has an Education, Health and Care Plan;
  • following a change in circumstances.

If during the course of any school year the Council determines that the provision of home to school transport need no longer be provided, it will stop at the end of the term in which the decision was made.