How to apply for a spare seat on a council-run school bus

How it works

Applications for the summer term closed on 28 February 2023. Applications for the autumn term will open on 26 June 2023.

We run school buses for children who are eligible for free school transport. There may be a small number of seats on some routes that are spare. You can apply for one of these spare seats for your child.

We only offer these seats once we have allocated seats to all children who are eligible for free school transport.

We offer spare seats on timetabled buses only. Seats on smaller vehicles (such as taxis or minibuses) are not offered for sale.

If your application is successful, we cannot guarantee the seat will continue to be available. For example, if another child who is eligible for free school transport needs a seat later in the year, or if we need to change the route, your child may no longer have a place on the bus.

We advertise available spare seats each term. You can find out when you need to apply.

If you cannot get a spare seat

The number of spare seats we can offer is limited, so you shouldn't rely on getting one. Plan another way of getting your child to and from school in case you cannot get a spare seat.

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