Transfer Test (11+)

If you have not received an email you can access your child’s results via the Secondary Transfer test results page. You will need your child’s Student ID to use this service.

Grammar schools and Secondary Transfer Testing (11+)

Register for the Secondary Transfer Test

Children who attend a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school are automatically entered for the Secondary Transfer Test by their school, and do not need to be registered.

You can register children for testing between 6 May and 3pm on 17 June 2022 if they attend:

  • a Partner School
  • an independent school
  • a primary school outside of Buckinghamshire (this includes those in Milton Keynes)

If your child attends a state funded Buckinghamshire primary school and you would prefer them not to take the test, please confirm this in writing to your child’s school.

Missing the deadline to register

We will not normally accept a late registration for testing unless you have exceptional reasons for not registering before the deadline. If you think this is the case, please contact us.

Families who move into Buckinghamshire by 23 June 2023 will be offered late testing for their child, as long as they can provide evidence that they have moved.

Under-age or over-age testing

If your child is not in the expected year group for their age, and you would like them to sit the test, please view under-age or over-age testing in our grammar schools guide.

Children who live abroad

If your child currently lives abroad, we will not be able to test them until they return to the UK.