Grammar schools and Secondary Transfer Testing (11+)

Secondary Transfer test results

Most parents will be informed of their child’s Secondary Transfer Test result by email, after 4pm on 13 October 2023.

To view your child's Transfer Test results you will need:

  • your child's Student ID number (this was either provided in a letter or on an email)
  • your child's surname (including spaces and hyphens where necessary)
  • your child's date of birth
  • your name and email address as the parent or guardian

Ensure you type all details carefully.

If you have lost your Student ID number contact the Admissions and Transport team.

View your transfer test results

Marking the Transfer Test

The test papers are marked by GL Assessment. Each child’s score is standardised to account for their age when the test was taken, and then weighted according to the different sections of the test (verbal, mathematical and non-verbal skills).

View more information about the marking process in our grammar school guide.

Score needed to qualify for grammar school

Children who achieve a standardised score of at least 121 are eligible to be considered for a Buckinghamshire grammar school place. We call these children qualified.

Children who score less than 121 are usually not eligible to be considered for a grammar school. These children are not qualified.

If your child didn't qualify but you still want them to attend a grammar school

A child who is not qualified may sometimes be considered for a grammar school place if they: