Pay a parking fine (penalty charge notice)

Pay a parking fine, legally known as a penalty charge notice (PCN)

Appeal a parking fine (penalty charge notice)

How to appeal a parking fine or penalty charge notice (PCN)

Parking permits and car park season tickets

Apply for resident and business permits, including season tickets for council car parks

Parking suspensions and dispensations

Apply for a parking suspension to temporarily put a parking space out of use, or a dispensation to temporarily park in an area where there are parking restrictions

Parking on grass verges or footpaths

Find out when parking on a grass verge is against the law, and how to get edgeminder posts to stop drivers parking illegally on a verge next to your property

Electric vehicles

View the benefits of electric vehicles, charging points, business schemes and help with installation.

Ask for new parking controls

How to ask us for a long-term change to parking restrictions to solve problems such as traffic congestion, blocked access and safety issues