Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles in Buckinghamshire

As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, we are increasing the number of locations you can charge a vehicle.

We’ve created our Electric Vehicle Action Plan and have committed to making it easier to access charge points across Buckinghamshire.

Our Electric Vehicle Action Plan

Residents in Buckinghamshire who either already own an EV or are considering whether to buy or use an EV will need to consider how and where to charge the vehicle.

To support this, we've developed an EV Action Plan, published in June 2022, working towards the aims of the National EV infrastructure strategy. Read the Electric Vehicle Action Plan on ModGov.

We plan to make it easier and more convenient to access EV charge points across Buckinghamshire.

We are already implementing EV charge points to meet the aims of the Action Plan, with new charge points being introduced as funding becomes available.

The Government is investing money in research and initiatives to support the uptake of EVs, including facilities for charging EVs. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (part of the Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) provides a lot of information on current research projects, trials, schemes for obtaining funding for charge point installations, as well as consultations on what measures, supported by the Government, will make it easier for people to make the switch to EVs in the future.

View the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles webpage for information on projects, schemes and granting options.

Contact the electric vehicle charging team

If you have a question about electric vehicles or electric vehicle charging, email the Electric Vehicle Charging Mailbox.