Electric vehicles

Wendover electric vehicle charging trial

The Wendover electric vehicle (EV) charging trial will support the installation of on-street EV charging points and in-pavement cable channels (IPCCs).

During the trial, we will be:

  • installing (approximately) 10 in-pavement cable channels with no cost to the applicant
  • covering planning permission costs for installing an EV charging point at your home

We are also installing on-street charging points in public areas across Wendover.

This forms part of our strategy to continually improve our EV charging infrastructure and our commitment to support EV owners to enable them to safely charge their EVs at home using their own cheaper electricity supply.

About in-pavement cable channels (IPCCs)

We do not allow cables to be laid across pavements without an IPCC because they present a safety hazard that can cause tripping.

Cable channels will enable homeowners who do not have access to off-street parking (for example a private driveway) to safely charge their EVs parked on the street.

They have a cover to protect from debris and dirt and are sloped to prevent water from gathering and freezing.

You should remove the cable from the channel when not in use to prevent theft, vandalism or other residents using your electricity.

Designated parking and community cooperation

Installing a cable channel does not give you any rights to a designated space and anyone can still park next to the cable channel.

If you cannot park next to your cable channel and your charging cable can't safely reach your vehicle, use Zap Map to identify nearby publicly-accessible chargers.

If you are concerned about having access to your charging cable, talk to your neighbours. Previous cable channel trials elsewhere in the country have used self-organised community groups (for example Facebook or WhatsApp groups) to help neighbours discuss the impact of the channel in the street, and ensure that residents have access to the channel when they need to.

Applying for funding

If you do not already have an EV charger at your home, you will need to pay for one. This can cost an estimated £500 to £1,000 depending on the:

  • brand
  • charging speed
  • difficulty of installation

You will need to apply for planning permission, however as part of the trial, we will pay for and assist with the planning process.

You can apply for funding to have a cable channel installed.

To be eligible for funding, you will need to:

  • be a resident of Wendover
  • be an owner of an EV
  • have no off-street parking (you park on the street)

Express your interest and submit your application

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After the trial

We will review the success of the trial and consider how we can continue installing charging points and cable channels on a larger scale.