Parking permits and car park season tickets

Apply for an on-street parking permit

Parking permits can only be used for parking on the street in specific zones.

To see where you can park using an on-street permit, see the 'traffic orders' section of the TraffWeb site.

You will need to set up an account before you can buy a parking permit online.

We have different on-street parking permits you can apply for:

Apply for a resident permit or visitor voucher

Visitors cannot buy a visitor voucher themselves. Visitor vouchers must be bought by a resident.

Read our terms and conditions for resident permits and visitor vouchers.

Apply for a business parking permit Apply for a school parking permit Apply for a carer or health professional parking permit

All permits are virtual

All our on-street parking permits are virtual. You do not need a paper permit, and you do not need to display a virtual permit in your vehicle.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are employed to enforce parking, traffic and other restrictions and laws.

They can check if vehicles have a virtual parking permit using their handheld devices.

Apply for a car park season ticket

Car park season tickets allow you to park in a car park run by the council for a limited period of time, for a set price.

Apply for a car park season ticket

Apply for a country parks parking permit

To apply for a parking permit for country parks in Buckinghamshire, see the country parks website.

Contact the parking team

If you have a question about parking permits and car park season tickets that is not answered on this page, you can contact us for help.