Report a parking problem

If you’d like to tell us about a parking problem, get in touch.

You can let us know about any parking issues we need to investigate, including:

  • a vehicle parked in an area where there are restrictions (for example, on double yellow lines)
  • a vehicle blocking or parked on your driveway
  • problems with a council car park
  • spillages or fly-tipping in a council car park
  • problems with payment machines in a council car park
  • problems with on-street parking payment machines
  • dangerous parking
  • general parking problems not listed here

You can also tell us about abuses of a Blue Badge for disabled parking.

You cannot use this contact form to speak to us about a parking charge notice (PCN), which is commonly known as a parking ticket or parking fine.

Report a parking problem

Report an urgent parking problem

Illegal or obstructive parking should be reported directly to Thames Valley Police. You can:

Contact the parking team

If you have a question about reporting a parking problem that is not answered on this page, you can contact us for help.