Report abuse of a Blue Badge

You can report abuses of the Blue Badge scheme by both badge holders and third parties.

Report abuse of a Blue Badge

Badge holder abuses of the scheme include:

  • parking in the wrong place or for too long when there is a time limit
  • using a badge that is no longer valid
  • using a badge that has been reported as lost or stolen
  • letting a friend or relative use the badge
  • using a fake or copied badge
  • changing the details on a badge (for example, the expiry date)
  • making a fraudulent Blue Badge application

Third party abuses of the scheme include:

  • using someone else’s Blue Badge, with or without their knowledge, when the badge holder isn't there
  • using a badge belonging to someone who has died
  • copying, altering or faking a badge
  • using a stolen badge
  • using a fake badge