Report a licensed premises

Request a review of a licensed premises

As a last resort, responsible authorities and other parties will ask us to review a premises licence or a club certificate.

Examples of other parties are:

  • businesses affected by the premises
  • local residents affected by the premises

You should only apply for a review if all other enforcement attempts fail.

We recommend contacting us or the responsible authorities to discuss an alternative to a review.

When to request a review

A review of the licence will normally follow breaches of licensing conditions or a persistent failure to promote the following licencing objectives:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

We may reject the application if we are satisfied that the grounds for review are not relevant to one or more of the licensing objectives.

How to request a review

You'll need to complete the correct online form and send copies on the same day to:

You can support the review by supplying the following:

  • sound recordings
  • photos/video evidence
  • a record of complaints made to authorities
  • a diary/record of events or incidents that occur
  • supporting statements from fellow neighbours/witnesses

To submit your request, email [email protected]. You can not request a review anonymously.

This service is free.


We can accept valid petitions to review a premises licence, but it is essential to:

  • include all signatories' names and addresses
  • ensure all signatories are aware that requests are not anonymous
  • nominate a spokesperson to be the point of contact and to represent the group
  • clearly state how your request relates to one or more of the licencing objectives

How we advertise a premises under review

If your request is valid, we advertise a blue A4 notice at:

  • the premises that is subject to the review
  • our offices for 28 consecutive days (after 1 working day of receiving your application)

Responsible bodies and interested parties are expected to give their view within the 28 day period. At the end of this there will be a hearing unless all agree it is not needed.


There may be a hearing to discuss the findings of the review.

We'll then make a decision where we'll either:

  • decide that no action is necessary
  • modify or add conditions to the licence
  • exclude a licensable activity from the licence
  • remove the designated premises supervisor (DPS)
  • suspend the licence for a period of time (not exceeding three months)
  • revoke the licence

After the hearing, we will write to you to inform you of our decision.

Help with reporting a licenced premises

If you need any help with requesting a review, contact the alcohol and entertainment licensing team.