Apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is required for small scale events where you're planning to:

  • sell alcohol
  • serve alcohol to members of a private club
  • provide late-night refreshment
  • put on regulated entertainment

The event must have fewer than 500 people at all times (including staff) and cannot last for longer than 168 hours (7 days).

If your event exceeds these limits you may have to apply for a Premises Licence

Who should apply

Both licensed premises and those without any licence may need to apply for a temporary event notice (TEN).

Before you apply, you should read our Temporary Event Notice guidance notes (PDF, 271KB)

Types of TEN

There are two types of TENs:

  • Standard TEN
  • Late TEN

You must apply for a standard TEN no later than 10 clear working days before an event is due to take place.

A Late TEN can be given no later than 5 clear working days before an event is due to take place. Make sure that you tick the box for a Late TEN when applying.

Apply for a standard or late TEN

The fee for a TEN is £21.

It takes 24 hours (a full working day) for a TEN to be processed. If you apply online for a TEN, we'll automatically notify the responsible authorities.

If you have applied for a TEN in the past year, see information on the yearly limits for applicants.

To complete the application you will be directed to our Licensing Portal where you will be asked to login or register for an account.

Apply now

Yearly limits for applicants

There must be at least 24 hours between temporary events organised by the same person (or an associate) in relation to the same premises.

There are limits on the number of TENs you can apply for each year:

  • 5 TENs (50 if you're a personal licence holder)
  • 2 late TENs (10 if you're a personal licence holder)
  • 15 TENs per premises

You need a TEN for each event you hold even if it takes place on the same premises.

A TEN can only be granted for a maximum of 21 combined days worth of events in a calendar year.

Failed applications

Applicants and other parties may appeal a decision of the licensing committee.

Appeals must be lodged within 21 days of the date the applicant was informed of the committee’s decision at the local Magistrates Court.

Replacement notice

A fee of £10.50 is due if you require a replacement copy of your TEN, due to theft/loss.

To request a replacement TEN, contact us.

Help with your application

If you need help making your application, contact us