Household recycling centres

What you can take to a household recycling centre

Use our Waste Wizard to find out where you can recycle, reuse or repair household items.

You can take many household items to a recycling centre for free. This includes:

  • aerosols
  • batteries
  • carpet
  • clothing and textiles
  • cooking oil
  • furniture - including broken up or dismantled furniture
  • garden waste
  • gas bottles
  • general waste
  • large electrical appliances, for example fridges or cookers
  • mattresses
  • paint - if hardened (paint can be hardened by adding paint hardener, sand, sawdust or soil)
  • paper and cardboard
  • small electrical appliances for example a toaster or printer
  • televisions and monitors

Waste accepted within limits

We can accept certain items within a reasonable amount for household use:

  • car batteries - up to 2 per year
  • car tyres - up to 5 per year and charges apply
  • waste engine oil – up to 10 litres per year
  • fluorescent tubes - up to 4 fluorescent tubes per year

Non-household waste

Waste, such as landscaping, construction, or demolition waste is classed as 'non-household waste'. This is expensive for us to dispose of. We are allowed by law to charge for these items to offset the cost of disposal. Most waste is still free to take to recycling centres.

Check what we charge for at recycling centres

Disposing of hazardous waste at a recycling centre

Only Amersham, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, High Wycombe and Langley centres accept these types of wastes:

  • asbestos
  • plasterboard
  • garden chemicals

Find out more about disposing of these types of waste