Check what you can put in your bins

Use our Waste Wizard to find out where you can recycle, reuse or repair household items and what bins to use.

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If bins contain incorrect items

We won’t empty your recycling bins, bags or boxes if they contain the wrong type of material. For example, when there is plastic in a paper recycling bin. This is because it ‘contaminates’ the load so we can’t take that load to the recycling facility.

Help us recycle more by checking what you can put in each bin.

Find out what to do if you receive a red tag on your bin.

Check what to put in each bin

Select a type of bin, box or bag to find out what you can dispose of in it.

How to dispose of other items

Find out how to dispose of small household electricals, batteries and textiles.

Extra waste and recycling

We will only collect general waste that fits in your bin with the bin lid closed.

We can collect a reasonable amount of extra recycling that doesn’t fit in your box or bin. To help us collect extra recycling:

  • put it in a reusable container, such as a plastic box, so that we can tip it out - we will not collect recyclables in plastic bags
  • leave it neatly beside your usual recycling box, bag or bin
  • cut down and flatten cardboard boxes to a manageable size and remove all other packaging (such as polystyrene, plastic inserts)

Take any extra recycling or waste to your nearest household recycling centre.

Images showing how extra recycling should be presented to be collected by waste crews

Bin collection days

View our policy

For more information about types of bin, our policy for replacements and missed collections, view the Household Waste Collection Policy for Southern Buckinghamshire.