If you receive a red tag on your recycling bin

We are working on ways to improve the quality of recycling in Buckinghamshire and provide better information to residents on how to recycle right.

Tags are being placed on recycling bins containing incorrect items, asking residents to remove anything that shouldn’t be in there. We will not empty bins that contain incorrect items.

The tag attached to the bin will give information on items that cannot be placed in the mixed recycling bin.

If you live in a block of flats, a sticker will be placed over the recycling bin and may not be emptied.

An image of the red tag being placed on recycling bins which contain incorrect items

What you need to do

You will need to remove the incorrect items and place them in the correct bin.

On your next scheduled collection day, the crews will check the bin and empty it if all incorrect items are removed.

Check what you can put in each bin

We won’t empty recycling bins, bags or boxes if they contain the wrong type of material. For example, when there are carrier bags in a mixed recycling bin. This is because it ‘contaminates’ the load so we can’t take that load to the recycling facility.

Help us recycle more by checking what you can put in each bin.

Tips for recycling:

  • use your washing up water to rinse items such as glass jars and plastic bottles.
  • if there’s lots of grease on your pizza box, you could tear off the greasy sections (or just recycle the lid).
  • replace the lids on bottles and jars before recycling them
  • remove any polystyrene or bubble wrap before putting cardboard boxes out for recycling
  • all recycling should be loose and no bags in the mixed recycling bins or paper boxes

Use the waste wizard

Use our Waste Wizard to find out where you can recycle, reuse or repair household items and what bins to use.

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