Guidance for parents and guardians on school admission appeals

Last updated: 15 February 2023

Your appeal hearing

Your appeal will be heard by the Appeal Panel remotely by video conference.

At least 10 school days' before your appeal, the Appeals Team will email you the date and time of your appeal hearing and other information. One appeal may involve two separate hearings which may be on two different days.

About a week before your appeal hearing, the Appeals Team will send copies of the appeal papers to you, the Appeal Panel, the Clerk to the Appeal Panel and the Admission Authority. The appeal papers will include:

  • your appeal form and the written evidence you submitted by the deadline date; and
  • the admission authority’s written case explaining why you were refused a place at the school

The Clerk to the Appeal Panel will email you the invitation (or invitations) to your appeal hearing (or hearings) a few days beforehand.

If you don’t receive the invitation/s to your appeal hearing/s, check you included the correct email address on your appeal form and check your junk folder.

At the appeal hearing, the admission authority will explain why it refused your application for the school place. The Appeal Panel and you can ask the admission authority questions about its case. You will be invited to explain your reasons for appeal. The Appeal Panel and admission authority may ask you questions.

The Appeal Panel will make its decision after you and the admission authority have left the hearing.

The Appeal Panel will uphold or dismiss your appeal depending on whether it decides you or the admission authority have the stronger case.

You should let the Appeals Team know, as soon as possible, if:

  • you are not attending your appeal hearing. The Appeal Panel can make its decision after considering your written information
  • you want to cancel your appeal. Time and costs can be saved
  • you want the Appeals Team to arrange an interpreter
  • you want help with accessing your remote appeal hearing