Community Infrastructure Levy

How CIL is calculated

The CIL is charged at a flat rate per square metre, which differs depending on the type of development and the charging area.

Within Buckinghamshire Council, two different CIL charging schedules have been adopted - one in the former Wycombe area, and one in the former Chiltern and South Bucks areas.

Aylesbury Vale does not currently have a CIL charging schedule.

The situation is under review following the Planning White Paper’s proposal to introduce a new Infrastructure Levy.

This would reform the current CIL and abolish section 106 agreements and planning obligations.

We calculate the floor area that CIL is payable on by measuring the gross internal area (or GIA) of new developments excluding the external walls.

All new build areas, including garages, are included.

Floor areas that are to be demolished can be deducted from the CIL chargeable area.

These areas can only be deducted if they have been in their lawful use for a continuous period of at least 6 months in the previous 3 years from when the planning permission is granted.

Find out more about how CIL is calculated on

Read more about Guidance for Parish and Town Councils on receiving and use of CIL funds.


Depending on the schedule in place in your area and the CIL charge applicable, you may be able to pay in instalments.

The fees shown below will apply to planning applications granted permission between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022.

If you would like to know the fees for planning applications granted permission in a previous year please contact the relevant area:

  • if the development falls under the former Wycombe Area (West) contact [email protected]
  • if the development falls under the former Chiltern and South Bucks Areas (East and South) contact [email protected]
West Area (Wycombe) CIL fees
Category CIL rate per square metre

Residential Zone A (High Wycombe, Lane End, Stokenchurch)


Residential Zone B (rest of District)


Large Scale Retail


Small Scale Retail (and other chargeable development)


All other development including B, C1, C2 and D uses


East and South Areas (Chiltern and South Bucks) CIL fees
Category CIL rate per square metre



B1, B2, B8


C1, C21, C2A


C3, C4


D1, D2


Sui Generis


All development types unless stated otherwise in the table of the adopted Charging Schedule


Read more about how CIL is calculated on our planning services and fees page.