Make a building regulations application

How to make a building regulations application

You can apply to build or make changes to your property by:

Information to provide

Full plans applications

If you are submitting a full plans application and will be paying your inspection fee at the start of the works, we will send an invoice to you.

Therefore, in the application you will need to provide the applicant's:

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number

The invoice and request to pay letter will be sent via email to the agent. If payment is not made we will send a second letter. If payment is still not made within 10 working days of the second letter, the application will be withdrawn.

Internal alterations or commercial works

If you are applying for internal alterations or commercial works you will need to let us know the estimated cost of works.

Applying for one or more new or replacement dwellings

If you're applying for one or more new or replacement dwelling(s) (not a conversion into a dwelling), a connectivity plan under Part R of the Building Regulations must be submitted with the application. If you don't, the application can't be registered.

How to apply

You can apply:

Alternatively, you can apply by contacting the Building Control team in your local area: