Get building work certified (regularisation)

If you have had work carried out without building control approval, you'll need to apply for a regularisation certificate.

We cannot regularise works completed before 11 November 1985.

If you're selling your property and believe unauthorised work was completed before this date, you should speak to your solicitor.

Check if approval is needed

Visit GOV.UK to check if you need building regulations approval.

If you've moved into a property and do not have a certificate for work that's been carried out, you can ask us to find the building regulation history about your property.


We will assess regularisation application fees individually. They are available on request and are usually based on an individual fee proposal.

How to apply

You can make a regularisation certificate online.

Apply now

After you've applied

We will contact you within 2 working days.

If we certify the work

If we certify the work, you'll get a regularisation certificate that makes the unauthorised work legal.

We'll need to see any work that has not been approved by us. This work may need to be removed or fixed.

Contact Building Control

If you have any questions, you can contact the Building Control team.