Find building regulations history about your property

You can ask us to search our building control records if:

  • you're selling your property or have just moved in and need proof of building regulations approval
  • you have lost your completion certificate and need a copy
  • you need copies of the architects drawings

The service costs £30.

  1. Submit the relevant history search for:
    1. completion certificates or decision notices
    2. copies of drawings
  2. Business support will contact you to advise what is available and who the original author is (not giving contact details that aren't in the public domain).
  3. You (the requester) should then seek authorisation and return it to Business Support.
  4. If proper authorisation is given the documents will be released.

Check building regulations approval history

Get a certificate if you do not have one

If you have had work carried out or have moved into a property and do not have a certificate for work that's been done, you can apply for a regularisation certificate.