Apply for building control approval with full plans for large-scale building projects

You'll need to submit a building control application for approval with full plans for work related to:

  • any new buildings
  • extensions or alterations to any building other than small single-storey domestic extensions
  • extensive internal structural alterations to any building
  • loft conversions

Structural or architectural drawings and calculations will need to be submitted when you apply.

Find out more about building control applications for approval with full plans (planning portal).


Fees are based on the work you want to carry out. View our building control fees.

Apply online

You can apply for approval with full plans online.

Apply now

Apply by phone

Contact the Building Control team in your local area:

Starting the work

You can start work 48 hours after we've received your application and payment.

We recommended that you wait for approval before you start the work. This way the builder will have approved plans to work with.

Before you start any work, you should notify building control and book a site inspection.

If you have started or finished work without proper approval

If the work has been started or completed without getting approval, you'll need to apply for a regularisation certificate.

Help with your application

If you need advice, you can contact building control.