Book a building control site inspection

Building control site inspections take place after you've received approval for your building regulations application.

They ensure that:

  • work is compliant with the building regulations
  • your builder is up to date with current standards

Before you start work

You will need to notify the Building Control Team on 2 occasions before booking a site inspection:

  • at least 2 working days before you intend to start work
  • in writing, within 5 working days of the works 'commencing'

Work has 'commenced' when:

  • for new build properties, you've built the ground floor level including all foundations and any basement or extensions
  • for any other building work, 15% of the planned work has been completed

Notify the Building Control Team when work has started or commenced.

When you need an inspection

Our surveyor needs to inspect the work at various stages, including:

  • completion stage, when the work is complete and the building is ready to use (for applications received after 1 October 2023, submit a completion notification form to us before you request a completion inspection)
  • some intermediate stages, such as foundations, damp proofing, roof structure and drainage (for applications received after 1 October 2023, submit both commencement notifications to us before you request a first inspection)

The number of inspections your project needs will usually be agreed before work begins. For example, a house extension normally requires 5 inspections.

If it's been 3 years since your last inspection

If your project is in progress but it's been 3 or more years since your last inspection, you need to resume a previous building regulations application form.


Inspection fees are based on the work you're doing. Check our building control fees.

An additional fee could be charged if:

  • we have have to come out multiple times to check the same thing
  • a project hasn't been inspected by us for 3 years or more

How to book

Site inspections should be booked by the homeowner or builder carrying out the work.

We only carry out inspections between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

You can book a site inspection online.

After inspections are complete

The final inspection takes place once the work is complete.

If the surveyor decides the work meets the building regulations, they will issue you with a free completion certificate.

You should keep the certificate safe, as you’ll need this certificate if you sell or remortgage your home.

Requesting a new certificate

If you lose your certificate, you can get a copy of your certificate online.

If you carry out work without an inspection

We cannot provide a completion certificate if:

  • the work was not inspected at the agreed stage
  • you do not provide evidence that the work was completed (usually by exposing the works)

You'll need to contact us to get the building work certified.