Vehicle Removal Policy

Last updated: 1 February 2021

Contravening the Blue Badge Scheme

Contravention of the Blue Badge Scheme is where vehicles are parked and a disabled person's parking blue badge is displayed but not in accordance with the regulations.

This may include vehicles displaying a disabled parking blue badge where:

  • the badge is copied or counterfeit
  • the badge has expired or been altered
  • the badge has been cancelled by the issuing authority
  • the badge has been reported as lost or stolen
  • the badge holder is deceased
  • abuse of a valid badge has been clearly established
  • the organisation holding the badge ceases to exist (in the case of an organisational badge)

Vehicles parked in contravention and in breach of the regulations in a designated parking place, the Traffic Management Act 2004 and Regulations made under it, prohibit the Enforcement Authority from removing the vehicle until at least 30 minutes have elapsed following the issue of a PCN.

For vehicles parked in contravention and in breach of the regulations on a road not in a designated parking place may be liable for instant removal by the Enforcement Authority immediately following the issue of a PCN.

A vehicle parked in a disabled person's parking place, without displaying a valid disabled person's badge, may be subject to removal (one or more of the reasons outlined above need only apply for action to be taken).