Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2022 to 2025

Cross-cutting theme 1

Partnership working


Action - Continue work of two homelessness forums (North and South); continue to share data to monitor trends and outcomes; work with partners to flex services in response to changing need

  • target /outcome - greater understanding of underlying causes of homelessness and current trends
  • year ongoing


Action - Provide partners with an updated database of contacts within the housing service following restructure and any new appointments.

  • target / outcome - partners find it easier to contact the person they need
  • year 1


Action - participate in exploring potential new protocols with Registered Providers; could cover a range of areas including early warning of rent arrears and anti-social behaviour, as well as potential evictions and also consider a possible asset management strategy to reflect local needs

  • target /outcome - reduced number of households evicted from social housing
  • year 2


Action - review options to work with credit unions to help households to achieve financial stability

  • target /outcome - fewer households getting into debt
  • year 2


Action - improve our working in partnership with appropriate agencies who can supply furniture packs etc to enable people to set up home

  • target /outcome - tenancies established more quickly
  • year 1


Action - contribute to cross-service training to ensure a better shared understanding of different services and the contributions made to preventing and tackling homelessness

  • target /outcome - greater understanding across the Council and partners
  • year 1


Action - ensure all staff (Council and stakeholders) are trained in any information-sharing policies and procedures

  • target /outcome - greater understanding across the Council and partners
  • year 1


Action - extend information-sharing protocols and shared risk assessments to all appropriate partners

  • target / outcome - wider range of partners involved
  • year 3


Action - develop innovative solutions with partner agencies in the employment and charitable sectors to support clients to access volunteering and employment opportunities.

  • target / outcome - active engagement with wide range of partners and clients supported to access employment opportunities to help them sustain themselves going forward
  • year 2