Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2022 to 2025

4. Vision and priorities

Our vision

  • that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live
  • advice and support is available for those threatened with homelessness
  • effective early intervention means that no-one becomes homeless or has to sleep rough

Our priorities

  • to provide advice, information and support on housing and related issues to enable those at risk of becoming homeless to take steps to remain in their accommodation where feasible and appropriate, or to undertake a planned move if required
  • to identify those at risk of becoming homeless at the earliest possible stage, and to intervene proactively to prevent them becoming homeless
  • where a household does become homeless, to support them to find appropriate alternative accommodation as quickly as possible
  • to prevent anyone having to sleep rough
  • to maximise the supply of affordable rented accommodation

In addition to these priorities, there are two cross-cutting themes to which we will continue to address with associated plans and ideas. These are:

  • making best use of resources
  • partnership working

In delivering the above priorities, we will always be focussed on ensuring that the services provided are appropriate and consistent across the Buckinghamshire area, but ensure the individual needs of different areas are recognised.