Bucks Tenancy Strategy

4. Partnership Preferences: Allocation of Tenancies

4.1 The Partnership expects the districts to retain nomination rights on new and existing properties, irrespective of rent levels. The expectations of the Partnership in terms of the allocation of new rents and tenures are outlined below:

a) Properties will be let in line with existing nominations agreements between the RP and the relevant district council.

b) Conversions of re-lets from Social Rent to Affordable Rent will be in line with HCA contractual terms.

c) Affordable Rent properties will be advertised and allocated through the countywide allocations system (currently BHC).

d) The rent (Social or Affordable) will be clearly advertised to applicants.

e) The terms of fixed-term tenancies will be clearly advertised on the allocations system, so that applicants on the housing register understand the type of tenancy that they are applying for and how long the tenancy will last.

f) Any lifetime tenancies will be clearly advertised on the allocations system.

4.2 The Partnership also expects all new and existing properties to be allocated in line with the rules of each individual districts’ allocations policy (which is currently the countywide Bucks Home Choice) and the relevant nominations agreement.