Bucks Tenancy Strategy

3. Partnership preferences: Development and Affordable Rent

3.1 Affordable Rent properties will be coming through the development pipeline and the Partnership welcomes the potential for the new revenue stream to be reinvested into the development of new affordable homes in Buckinghamshire

3.2 The preferences that each individual district has towards the development of new Affordable Rent properties is linked to the individual affordable housing policy advice contained within the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) of each district. Each district’s SPD outlines the development that the district council would like to see in the area and should be considered before the preferences outlined in this Strategy.

3.3 Whilst the districts are expecting to see the development of Affordable Rent properties, the continued provision of new Social Rent homes on sites where viability allows it is also expected. Each individual district will have different preferences, both on the amount of development and the amount of Social Rented units (if any) that it would prefer to see on a given site. Therefore, it is recommended that RPs and developers approach the appropriate district as soon as possible to discuss affordable housing and the types of tenure on their sites.