Houses in Multiple Occupation - Policy for assessing fit and proper persons

Last updated: 28 January 2020

What is meant by “involved in the management”

The council must consider licence holders, managers and others involved in the management of the property. A person involved in the management, is a person who is able to comply with any licence conditions and deal with the day-to-day issues that arise within an HMO as well as being able to deal with longer term management issues. Typically, but not exclusively, these will include such matters as:

  • emergency repairs and other issues
  • routine repairs and maintenance of the property and its grounds
  • cyclical maintenance
  • he management and the provision of services to the building and its grounds
  • the management of tenancies or occupants, including dealing with rent matters and tenants’ enquiries
  • the management of the behaviour of tenants, occupants and their visitors to the property
  • neighbourhood issues (including disputes)
  • engagement with the local authority, Police and other agencies, where appropriate

The licence holder and the manager can be two different people. Where this is the case, a decision will be made for each of them about whether they are a fit and proper person.