Houses in Multiple Occupation - Policy for assessing fit and proper persons

Last updated: 28 January 2020

The decision to issue an HMO licence

In deciding whether to issue a licence, the council must be satisfied that there are acceptable management arrangements in place or that such satisfactory arrangements can be put in place by the imposition of conditions in the licence.

In considering whether the management arrangements are satisfactory, the council must have regard to the following:

  • the suitability of the proposed licence holder and manager (if different) and any other person involved in the management of the property; that is to say that they are in each case a “fit and proper person”
  • the competence of the proposed licence holder/manager to manage the building
  • the suitability of management structures
  • the adequacy of financial arrangements

This policy considers the meaning of fit and proper person, the council’s approach to deciding whether a person is fit and proper and the factors that the council will take into account when making such decisions. This policy relates to applications for new licences, as well as to existing licences and applications for their renewal.