Community toolkit: register as a Welcoming Space

Last updated: 1 November 2022 Download the toolkit (pdf, 292.0 KB)

2. How to register your space

If you want to register as a Welcoming Space you will be asked to agree to a charter. The charter makes a promise to residents that:

  • they'll get access to a warm, welcome space
  • everyone will be treated equally, with dignity and respect
  • the Welcoming Space will be a safe space
  • you won't tell anyone about them needing to use the Welcoming Space (unless they give you permission)

There is no obligation to provide services like food, drink or Wi-Fi but this toolkit provides guidance should you wish to.


If you need funding to set up your Welcoming Space, your local community board may be able to help.

To discuss what you would like to do and whether the board can help, contact your Local Community Board Manager.

How to register

You can register your premises as a Welcoming Space on our Bucks Online Directory.

The directory is free to use and provides information on activities, groups and support services available in Buckinghamshire.

To list your Welcoming Space on the directory you need to:

  1. Create an account and read the Welcoming Spaces Charter
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Create a service/activity
  4. Include the words 'Welcoming Space' in the title and description of your activity

After creating your account you must activate it by clicking the link you receive via email.

Welcoming Spaces Charter

Before listing your Welcoming Space on our online directory, we ask that you read the Welcoming Spaces Charter.

The rest of this toolkit will guide you through some of the key considerations in delivering the most appropriate space for residents.