Community toolkit: register as a Welcoming Space

Last updated: 1 November 2022 Download the toolkit (pdf, 292.0 KB)

1. Introduction

As a local authority we're keen to work with partners and local communities to develop and promote a network of places where people can come together in a warm, safe and supportive environment this winter.

We know many such places already exist, providing invaluable services in the heart of the local community. We’d like to support these places and make sure people know where to find them by promoting them as ‘Welcoming Spaces'.

We hope this guide helps support you with relevant information on what you need to consider to set up a successful Welcoming Space.

The content draws on a range of emerging sources of guidance, most notably the Library and Information Association’s CILIP Warm Welcome Toolkit commissioned by Martin Lewis.

What is a Welcoming Space?

Welcoming Spaces are warm, free, safe, and supportive spaces that you can visit during the winter.

They offer residents somewhere to:

  • keep warm and save money on heating
  • look after their physical and mental health
  • get access to support, advice and Wi-Fi

They're run by:

  • Buckinghamshire Council
  • council partners
  • other local organisations