Community toolkit: register as a Welcoming Space

Last updated: 1 November 2022 Download the toolkit (pdf, 292.0 KB)

5. Travel and accessibility

It's important that your Welcoming Space can be used by everyone. You should consider barriers that may prevent this, not just for wheelchair users but for any visitors with additional or special needs. See the Euan's Guide website for 10 top tips for making your venue more accessible.

For example, bright lighting is important for people with visual impairments while blue LED lights and quieter spaces are more autism friendly.

You may also need to consider making space for assistance animals and other pets who may visit with their owners.

Some local disability charities may also come and do an accessibility audit of your space.


Organisations need to be mindful that travel costs and parking costs can be a barrier to potential Welcoming Space users.

It's important to consider how you can make it easier for people to get to your space, especially if they live in more remote areas or have a disability. For example:

  • there may be options for community transport (eg Driving Mobility is a national organisation which may be able to help with transport)
  • ensure that you're able to direct users to local bus and train timetables and stops/stations from your warm space
  • to hire or loan from a minibus to transport visitors to your venue

For transport options see:

For other community transport initiatives check the Bucks Online Directory.

Other ways for visitors to reach venues include:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • public transport
  • park and ride
  • driving and car sharing

Disability considerations

Disabled people (and their friends, families and carers) need to be able to find out where warm spaces are and what facilities are available.

For example, they need to know about:

  • level access
  • accessible toilets
  • parking
  • public transport
  • hearing loops
  • sensory-friendly areas

Providing trusted information about disabled access will inspire confidence, breaks down the barriers of exclusion and remove the fear of the unknown, so Euan’s Guide is:

  • producing guidance on making warm spaces more accessible for disabled people
  • generating a directory of accessible warm spaces by encouraging venues
  • operating a warm banks list for free on its Warm Banks page
  • enabling disabled people to find information about accessible warm spaces before visiting and to share their experiences to benefit others