Organising an event

Tell us about a public event

If you're organising a public event you should tell us by sending a completed notification form [Word, 90KB] to [email protected]

You should also send copies of:

You do not have to tell the council about your event, but we strongly recommend it.

Our Safety Advisory Group (SAG) will consider the impact your event may have on roads, public spaces and the local community. The group includes multiple agencies who can give advice based on your proposal.

What happens next

Once you've notified us of your event, we may respond based on:

  • the nature of the event and the activities taking place
  • the number of people attending
  • whether the event will create a significant or unusual level of risk
  • the potential impact of the event on the local community
  • whether previous events have had serious issues or incidents

We do not respond to all event notifications and your event can go ahead regardless of whether or not you receive a response.

Guidance for event organisers

For full guidance and useful resources for organising your event view our event guidance page.