Wendover Community Library Art Commission

Libraries Team, 15 December 2022 - Wendover Community Library Project

We’re very excited to have commissioned the artist Kremena Dimitrova to create a unique art installation for the transformed library. Kremena Dimitrova is a London based illustrator-as-historian, storyteller and lecturer in visual culture and history. She specialises in children's illustration, comics, murals, public art installations, mapmaking/trails, and visual storytelling in the museum and heritage sectors.

Commission Aim

  • To create an installation that complements the architecture of the library building
  • Develop a concept that is informed by an aspect of Wendover’s identity or heritage
  • Include an element of local community, staff or volunteer engagement
  • Work with a colour scheme that is complementary to the dementia friendly palette chosen for the library.

Discover other works by artist Kremena Dimitrova

Image shows the location of the various art installations in the new Wendover library

Artist illustration of where art will be located in the new library

The artwork has been designed by Kremena working with local residents and schools in a number of workshops. The ‘edutainment’ art concepts will celebrate Wendover’s times past and present.

The children’s library will have:

  • Wendover illustrated alphabet with histories in rhymes and riddles.
  • Interactive conceptual tree with a mini exhibition and answers to the rhymes and riddles.
  • Wendover legends.

The main entrance will have:

  • Illustrated map of Wendover with historical and contemporary people, places, spaces, architectures, facts, myths and legends.
  • Illustration of Wendover woodlands

Time Line

Community Engagement Workshops: December 2022 to June 2023

Artwork will be installed: Early 2024

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