Wendover Community Library improvement project

Buckinghamshire Libraries have been successful with a funding bid to the Arts Council England Libraries Improvement Fund.

Wendover Library

The funding will help transform Wendover Community Library into an inclusive, multi-use community hub to offer a single point of contact for local information and services, but also provide a range of social, educational, health and cultural activities.

As a community hub, we want Wendover Library to meet the needs of our current library customers, as well as attract new customers including those from marginalised groups, providing a diverse and inclusive service.

We aim to do this through developing new partnerships to broaden the service offer and generate new activities to impact Wendover and surrounding villages positively.

Project support

The aims of the Arts Council England Libraries Improvement Fund are to:

  • enable libraries to develop more flexible spaces
  • increase and improve digital access in the community
  • connect libraries to their communities
  • increase potential for transformation
  • increase library use
  • increase sustainability of libraries

In total, with the bid to the Arts Council Library Improvement Fund, we have secured just under £500,000 in funding to carry out the main work. The funding also includes amounts from the Buckinghamshire Council Capital programme and smaller grants from Wendover Parish Council and Wendover Community Library Trust.

However, additional funding is needed to carry out improvements suggested by local people, communities, and businesses shared during community engagements events. To achieve these improvements, a new Library Transformation Fund was created.

Library Transformation Fund

In early July, we launched the Library Transformation Fund for those who are willing and able to contribute financial support to the new library by implementing public suggestions for the spaces.

Different donation options are available for people and businesses to help the improvement project, and donations of any amount can be made online or in the library.

To find out how you can support the project, access the Library Transformation Fund webpage.

Planned work

Improving facilities

Our plans for the new library include:

  • extension of the library into the courtyard
  • visually aesthetic glass entrance to increase visibility and access
  • newly decorated interior with new fittings and furniture using dementia and autism friendly colour pallets
  • additional flexible space/meeting room
  • sensory children's library
  • improved energy efficiency
  • multifunctional reception area

View the proposed Wendover Community Library design concept.

Newly decorated interior

The planned changes include:

  • new fittings and furniture using dementia and autism friendly colour pallets
  • sensory children's library
  • soft seating for reading and social interaction
  • privacy pods

View the proposed Wendover Community Library interior design concept.

New collections and technology

Planned improvements to the library include:

  • new self-service technology to increase digital access such as a new self-service kiosk for book loans and print release, loanable tablets (Hublets) and wireless printing
  • new diverse stock such as reminiscence collections and resources to promote health and wellbeing

View more about accessibility through technology.


Wendover Community Library will have improved energy efficiency through enhancements made to increase natural light into the building.

We aim to make the new library hub more sustainable through generating additional income, increasing footfall and use from community groups and local businesses.

Art installation

To maximise the impact of the new design of the library building, we will be commissioning an installation that is inspired by Wendover’s heritage and/or communities.

The art installation will be informed by the local people of Wendover.

Find out more about the Wendover Community Library Art Commission on our Library blog.

Wendover community garden

Wendover Community Library Trust will be improving the garden space at the library, converting it to an aesthetic garden which can be used by the whole community.

The aim is to make the garden more accessible for all, as well as being an attractive, modern and easily maintained space for relaxation, conversation - and even small meetings.

Find out more about the community garden project.

Timeline for the project

The new library is planned to launch in early 2024.

Keep up to date with the progress of the project with our Wendover Community Library improvement project blogs.

Contact us

If you’d like to find out more contact [email protected].