Corporate plan

Key priority: strengthening our communities

  • Life expectancy in Buckinghamshire is 81.7 years for men and 85.3 years for women (one of the highest in South East England)
  • Only 15% of children and young people are meeting recommended levels of physical activity
  • 175,000 residents volunteer at least once a year
  • The life expectancy gap between the most and least deprived residents is 6.5 years for men and 6.4 years for women
  • 24% of the 21,651 homes built in the last decade were affordable
  • Over 63% of adults are obese or overweight

People in Buckinghamshire are living longer and healthier, with health outcomes better than the national average. We have strong communities and a thriving, dedicated not for profit sector.

Buckinghamshire is a healthy and inclusive place to live, work and visit, but we have a number of challenges. These include building more affordable homes now and for future generations, providing extra help and support for an increasingly older population and improving the health of people who live in the more deprived areas of Buckinghamshire. We also face the challenge of supporting our communities and residents to recover safely from the coronavirus pandemic.

We want:

  • our residents to live independent, fulfilling lives, within strong, healthy, inclusive, and resilient communities
  • to support existing business communities, especially our small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to grow and flourish
  • to improve health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on reducing any gap in health outcomes
  • to work more with town and parish councils, giving them the responsibility for services and assets where it makes sense to do so, and helping communities to help themselves
  • to facilitate a ‘catch up programme’ for our young people, from the lost educational achievement which occurred during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly focusing on those most disadvantaged

Working with partners we will:

  • enable and promote healthier lifestyles, wellbeing and quality of life for people in Buckinghamshire
  • review our Leisure Strategy and seek to invest in our facilities where appropriate
  • tackle health inequalities, including the impact of Covid-19, through cultural, leisure and learning opportunities, by developing clear plans to reduce health inequalities
  • encourage localism through our Community Boards, the devolution programme and working with local councils and voluntary community groups
  • ensure we are keeping our residents regularly informed
  • provide the affordable homes our growing communities need, including key workers
  • continue our commitment to equality and inclusion, through engagement with ethnic minority communities including regular engagement with faith leaders and partnership events, celebrating the diversity within our communities
  • maintain commitment to the armed forces and armed forces covenant and recognising Buckinghamshire’s proud and historic links to the armed forces