Corporate plan

Our people

Everything we want to achieve for Buckinghamshire depends on having the right people in place. We need to retain, recruit and develop talented and committed staff to provide the best services for our residents and businesses. To support this, Buckinghamshire Council has developed a set of values in consultation with our staff.

Our values are: Proud, Ambitious, Collaborative, Trustworthy (PACT). These values underpin how we work and show our commitment – our PACT – to do our very best for our residents, service users and businesses. They are at the heart of everything we do.

Similarly, where services are provided through partners or external organisations, we will work with them to make sure these values are carried through in delivering services on our behalf.

We are already transforming our services and will continue to do so through our Better Buckinghamshire Programme, not only making savings but redesigning services and service delivery to suit our residents’ needs. It is our people who deliver these services, and our improvements are focused on making the most of people’s skills and experience, so we can take full advantage of the opportunities created by the new council. Everyone needs to be performing at their best to take the organisation on the next stage of its journey.