Corporate plan

The financial challenge

We will ensure that Buckinghamshire Council is financially fit, efficient, and responsive to change. We will maintain robust financial planning, scrutinise budgets closely and be prudent in managing risks. As a new unitary authority, we have already achieved significant savings and will strive to achieve more.

Like all local authorities, we face challenging financial circumstances. There are more people turning to the council for support, but the resources available to help them have not increased to match the demand. We have to be realistic and focus on greater efficiency and value for money.

However, we are still ambitious to keep investing in our communities, sustaining the vital services on which our most vulnerable residents rely. We will manage our assets to create long term benefits and additional income, reducing our dependency on the taxpayer and protecting front line services.

How we will spend the 2023 to 2024 budget

2023 to 2024 budget (gross): £1.328 billion

Borrowing costs, contingencies to manage high risks service costs, and other corporate costs: £46.8 million

Spend by service
Service Amount Details

Adult social care

£245 million

Includes additional investment to address continued increases in demand, cost, and complexity of social care services

Children’s social care

£99 million

Includes additional investment for care services and children in care, plus preventative services

Highways and transport

£77 million

Includes roads, footpaths, street lighting, repairing potholes, parking and transportation

Accessible housing and resources

£166 million

Includes customer services, ICT, finance, property, housing benefit payments, HR, legal and democratic services

Planning and regeneration

£16 million

Includes development management, strategic planning and local planning, economic growth and regeneration, and enforcement

Climate change and environment

£40 million

Includes climate change, waste collection and disposals, recycling, flood prevention and street cleansing


£594 million

Funded by specific grants


£21 million

Includes Special Educational Needs, school improvement and early years services

Culture and leisure

£9 million

Includes leisure centres, libraries, museums, parks and play areas.

Homelessness and regulatory services

£25 million

Includes Trading Standards, Registrars, Environmental Health, Licensing, Cemeteries and Crematoria


£6 million


Public health

£22 million

Giving residents tools and information to lead healthier lives. Funded by specific grants


£8 million

Includes community boards, community safety, community grants and localities and strategic partnerships

2023/24 to 2026/27: spending on providing or improving buildings, roads and other infrastructure (capital budget)
Service/project Amount

Economic growth and regeneration

£33.7 million

Education and children’s services

£142.5 million


£144.7 million

Strategic transport and infrastructure

£91 million

Homelessness and regulatory services

£22.4 million

Climate change and environment

£34.9 million

Culture and leisure

£7.5 million

Accessible housing and resources

£22 million


£2.3 million

Total: £501 million