Pay for us to empty a contaminated bin

If you put incorrect waste in your bin or recycling container, our collection crews will be unable to take it as part of your normal household collection.

We refer to these bins as 'contaminated'.

If your bin is contaminated, our crew will leave a notice on the bin or container to tell you.

What to do if your bin is contaminated

If your bin or recycling container isn't collected because of contamination, you have 2 options:

  1. Remove the incorrect items (check what you can put in your bins) and put your bin or container out on the next scheduled collection day.
  2. Pay us to collect the contaminated bin or container on the next scheduled collection day.
  3. Arrange a private waste collection by a licensed waste carrier.

If items are unsuitable for household collection or too large to fit in your bin, consider taking them to a household recycling centre or use our bulky waste collection service.

Pay us to empty the bin

The service costs £100 per bin.

Pay now

After you've paid

Once you've paid, we will collect your contaminated bin or container within 10 working days.

You should make sure your bin is accessible at the normal collection point.