Household bins and recycling

We offer kerbside waste and recycling for most household items. You can also recycle or dispose of many household items, garden waste and building materials at household recycling centres.

What we collect from your home

General household rubbish

We provide bins or bags for general waste, depending on where you live.

Only use your general rubbish bin or bags for anything that can’t be put in your recycling containers.

We collect household rubbish every 2 weeks. General waste needs to be presented by 6:30am on collection day.

Household recycling

We provide residents with boxes and bins to help you recycle:

  • paper, cardboard, mixed card and paper
  • mixed recycling such as plastic, tins, foil, glass and food cartons
  • food waste (where possible)

All recycling needs to be presented by 6:30am on collection day.

We also offer collection services for:

  • garden waste
  • textiles [only in Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe areas]
  • batteries
  • small household electrical items such as kettles

Find out what to put in each bin

Check recycling bin collection days

What to do with items we don’t collect from household bins

Many items that can’t be put in your household bins can be recycled or disposed of at household recycling centres. This includes:

Check what you can take to a household recycling centre

Collection of large items or hazardous waste

We also offer collection services for:

You may need to pay a fee for these services.

Extra waste

A reasonable amount of excess recyclable material will be collected, as long as:

  • it is loose in a re-usable container - we will not collect recyclables in plastic bags
  • it is presented neatly alongside the relevant collection container
  • cardboard boxes are flattened and reduced to a manageable size

How to present excess recyclable materials

Wheelie bin and recycling boxes neatly presented with cardboard stacked to the side.

Extra recycling we will collect if neatly presented.

Recycling bins and recycling boxes with cardboard around bins and not neatly presented.

Extra recycling we will not collect as not flattened and neatly presented.

Other options for recycling and reuse

There are several businesses and charities that can reuse, repair or recycle household items. There are also websites and shops where you can sell or give away items that you don’t need anymore.

Before you throw anything away, use our Waste Wizard to check:

  • if an item can be recycled, reused or repaired
  • where you can donate, give away or sell an item
  • if your item can be collected by a local business or charity

Find out if an item can be reused, repaired or recycled

Service updates and changes to bin collections

Sometimes your household bin collection dates will change due to:

  • seasonal changes, for example, over the Christmas period
  • service disruption, for example, due to planned road works

If you need a new or replacement bin or box

You can request a new wheelie bin, recycling box if your bin or box has been:

  • damaged, lost or stolen
  • vandalised or burnt

You can also ask for a larger bin if you live in a large household.

What happens to your waste

Contact the waste and recycling team

If you have a question about household bin collections that is not answered on this page, you can contact us for help.