Apply for a primary school place

Waiting lists and appeals

Your child will automatically be added to the waiting list for the school(s) in your application that could not be offered where a lower preference school has been offered to your child.

We'll offer available places to children on waiting lists in our later allocation rounds.

We will email you your child's waiting list position (after 5pm) on the following dates:

  • 20 May
  • 15 July
  • 30 August.

Removing a child from a waiting list

You should contact us immediately if you want to request your child is removed from a waiting list.

Changing the schools in your application

After 20 May 2022, you can change the schools in your child’s application if you need to.

To make changes, you should send us your new list of preferred schools – this will replace the original schools in your child’s application.

We will tell you if a new preferred school can be offered in a later allocation round.


You have the right to request an appeal for any school you listed higher than the school we have offered to you.