Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Last updated: 15 October 2021

Equalities: recommendations

Groups with specific needs

Groups with specific needs include:

  • people with mobility difficulties, or who can’t get out of the house, including the elderly
  • people with sight loss
  • people who don’t have access to the internet, or lack confidence with online methods
  • people whose first language isn’t English
  • people with learning difficulties

Challenges they may experience

These groups could have difficulty with:

  • accessing consultations and engagement events
  • seeing or understanding planning notices
  • making contact or sending us responses

How we support these groups

There are a number of ways we can support involvement for these groups.


  • ensure that venues are accessible and where possible wheelchair-friendly
  • arrange online events and conversations as well as ‘real-life’ events
  • provide material both online and in paper form
  • make it clear that translation of key documents can be requested
  • provide material in a range of formats and font sizes
  • include a postal address and telephone number in our communications, as well as an email contact
  • send letters to neighbours or carers where appropriate
  • use social media, newsletters, magazines and press releases where possible
  • notify specific organisations such as those for the blind, elderly, disabled or ethnic minority groups
  • keep a register of people who need special notification (for example by email or letter)
  • use Plain English as far as possible

We will draw on this range of options to support the activities we have set out above.