Check if you need planning permission

Some building projects may not need planning permission from the council because they've been granted permission through 'permitted development rights'.

You can use this free service to check if:

  • changes you want to make to a property in the future may require planning permission
  • your property has any planning restrictions (for example, if it's a listed building or in a conservation area)

About the service

The assessment is only based on the answers you give and is for guidance only. It is not an official planning decision that you can rely on in future.

To be certain that changes do not require planning permission, you should apply for a lawful development certificate on the Planning Portal. This will require you to submit drawings of your proposals and pay a fee.

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This service does not capture any of your personal data.

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What's not included

Some projects are not included in this service yet, such as:

  • large scale projects
  • applications relating to a planning condition
  • applications on properties without a postcode or address
  • dropped kerbs
  • applications affecting multiple properties
  • some mixed-use projects (such as a conversion from 1 purpose into several new purposes)

The service does not automatically include information about a property's planning history, such as restricted planning conditions.

Help with the planning process

For help with the planning process, use our planning advice services.