Buckinghamshire Highways Asset Management Strategy 2021

Last updated: 4 February 2022

The highways network

Buckinghamshire Highways (BH) currently maintains and operates an Asset Management Information System (AMIS). The system provides electronically recorded and stored information on the location and performance of highway infrastructure assets to support efficient and effective decision making and reporting.

BH holds all carriageway centrelines recorded by National Street Gazetteer (NSG) street names in its AMIS. The system records information against each street which is geo-spatially plotted and available to all staff.

To ensure the network continues to meet the requirements of the UK Pavement Management System (UKPMS) all condition information will be aligned with the Local Street Gazetteer. BH will continue to report the length of the carriageway network using the UKPMS Network Length.

The carriageway network length is categorised against both traditional road classes and maintenance hierarchies. The maintenance hierarchies enable a risk-based approach to maintenance delivery.

A table showing the length of different classes of road that we manage in kilometres.
Road class Total length (km) Urban length (km) Rural length (km)


414 174 240


145 67 78


808 359 448


1805 1297 509


3172 1897 1275
Maintenance hierarchy Total length (km) Urban length (km) Rural length (km)


185 63 122


206 107 99


500 286 214


657 307 350


1624 1134 490


3172 1897 1275

All assets, customer enquiries and works orders will continue to be recorded against the relevant streets in the Gazetteer. Footways running between streets may have their own network entry.

BH currently maintains the Local Street Gazetteer to the NSG Gold Standard and it will be ensured that this standard is maintained through continual updates. The Gazetteer will be updated as new roads are constructed and named. Streets will be added to the Network when they are formally adopted as Public Highway. An update protocol will ensure the network is maintained to include all adopted streets within the County and will inform the NSG. Assets associated with the new network will be added to the inventory to be included in future inspection and survey schedules to ensure effective monitoring of the network continues.