Buckinghamshire Highways Asset Management Strategy 2021

Last updated: 4 February 2022

Scheme delivery

Scheme Delivery will continue to be planned to efficiently and sustainably implement the scheme delivery programmes once determined through optimisation of material use and collaborative working. Efficient and effective delivery contributes towards achieving the Asset Management Objectives, manages risk and reduces uncertainty.

Business plans will be used to set out the annual activities to be undertaken for each asset group detailing how maintenance is carried out. The delivery of the annual works programmes will be monitored through monthly challenge meetings and performance measures in the PMF will be reported relating to programme delivery and cost outturn.

Collaborative working with Supply Chain Partners will provide Early Contractor Involvement in the design and procurement process. Target costing is to be used where practical to drive efficiency and value for money and to share in the benefit of those efficiencies while optimising the use of natural resources and minimising network occupation. Performance measures and targets will also be set to drive a sustainable approach to delivery. The annual programme of works will be developed within the following principles:

  • to minimise disruption on the network
  • maximise opportunities for collaborative working between works programmes
  • offer the opportunity to integrate larger and smaller scale works
  • to provide collaboration opportunities for smaller scale maintenance minimising the number of road closures and reducing traffic management costs (“Fence to Fence” approach)
  • to maintain the historic value and consistency of character of the environment

Co-ordination meetings will be held with all operational teams. The street works team will continue to control network occupation through the booking of road-space for all activities on the network.