Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy

16. Appendix 7: advertising policy for private hire vehicles

Signs, Notices and Advertisements etc.

(1) No signs, notices, advertisements, marks, numbers, letters, figures, symbols, emblems or devices whatsoever shall be displayed on, in or from the vehicle except as required by any statutory provision or in conformity with the following conditions and with written approval of Buckinghamshire Council. Prior to approval being given an application must be made in writing to the council giving the plate number of the vehicle on which the advertisement is proposed to be displayed, plus the name and address of the applicant, details of the position, colour, size, subject-matter, wording proposed and any other information that the council may require.

i. No advertisement shall exceed 510mm x 297mm in size. Any advertisement must appear in landscape form.

ii. Any company name and/or telephone number appearing on any advertisement must have been previously authorised by the Council in writing. Any use of the words “Taxi” and/or “Cab”, or any other word or combination of letters which when pronounced would sound similar, is strictly prohibited.

iii. Roof signs of any description are strictly prohibited.

iv. No advertisements shall be placed anywhere on or in the vehicle other than the vehicle’s rear passenger doors or rear panels. Advertisements must not be placed on rear tailgates/doors.

v. Any advertisement appearing on the outside of the vehicle must be of such form as not to become easily soiled, defaced or detached.

vi. Any material and/or adhesive used in the manufacture, and for the purpose of, affixing any advertisement to any part of the vehicle must not be inflammable.

vii. Any advertisement appearing in or on the vehicle must be legal, honest, decent and truthful within the standards laid down by the British Advertising Standards Authority or any public body succeeding to it.

(2) Commercial advertisements

Commercial advertising for any company, body or corporate entity other than the operating company is strictly prohibited.