Moving into rented accommodation

What to expect moving into social housing

The council does not own it's social housing.

Social housing in Buckinghamshire is owned by landlords known as Registered Providers.

Types of tenancy

In most cases new tenants are offered initial tenancy or 'starter tenancy'. This usually lasts a year.

Once you've lived there for a year, they will convert your tenancy to a more long-term one. This means that you will have a more permanent home and will be able to live there long-term unless you breach your tenancy agreement.


The landlord will be responsible for most of the repairs and maintenance in your home. You should ensure that you understand the terms of your tenancy when you move in.

Your landlord and support officer, can explain this to you when you are offered the tenancy.

Rent levels

Rent levels are set by the landlord (Registered Provider) and will be below rent in the private market.

Affordable rent will be up to 80% of the rent in the private market.

Social rent will be up to 60% of private market rent.

The majority of new homes will be let as affordable rent.