Moving into rented accommodation

What to consider when moving in

Initial costs

You may have to pay up to 4 weeks rent in advance for both private or social renting. If you will struggle to pay the rent in advance, contact your housing officer.

If you are privately renting you may also have to pay a deposit. This could be equivalent to up to 5 weeks rent.

You should take into consideration that when moving in, some costs will be higher initially. This includes:

  • food
  • household goods
  • cleaning supplies
  • contents insurance (your landlord is responsible for building insurance)
  • broadband and telephone lines

Who to notify of a change of address

If you already have a tenancy and are moving in it is vital that you notify agencies of your change of address, this includes the following (if applicable):

Help with rent and bills

If you're struggling to pay rent or bills there is support available.

For help with rent, view: